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Laguna Beach Animal Shelter
20612 Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach, CA 92651-1184
(949) 497-3552
Animal Control (949) 497-0701

Open 7 days a week
Hours: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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About The Laguna Beach Animal Shelter

The City of Laguna Beach Animal Shelter was started in 1975 by a group of dedicated volunteers, The Pet Responsibility Committee (now PUP Laguna Beach), who lobbied the City of Laguna Beach to purchase the old Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals building on Laguna Canyon Road for use as a shelter. Today, the shelter serves the residents of Laguna Beach and Laguna Woods by providing temporary care of sick, injured, and strayed or abandoned animals rescued by the animal services officers in the City of Laguna Beach and the City of Laguna Woods.

The shelter is funded by the City of Laguna Beach and supported by generous donations. Donations to PUP Laguna Beach fund the rehabilitation of our animals that require medical attention so that healthy pets can be put up for adoption. Donations are also used to help rescue dogs and cats. Please visit our Donor page for more information on how you can contribute to the future adoption of a pet.

At any one time, the facility houses dogs, cats, birds, and a small number of other animals. Every abandoned animal that comes through the Shelter is held for seven days for reclaiming by its owner. As a small community, the claim-rate is extremely high at 80%. We have been very fortunate to receive support from our community, the local veterinarians, the Pacific Wildlife project, the Bluebell Cat Foundation, and the citizens who appear with helping hands whenever there is a fire or flood in the canyon. We greatly appreciate the tremendous support from the community!

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Calendar of Events

Annual Vaccination Clinic

Date: February, Second Saturday, Annually
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Place: Laguna Beach Animal Shelter
Vaccinations Offered:

  • Rabies (12 weeks & older)
  • DHPP (8 weeks & older)
  • FVRCP (8 weeks & older)
  • Bordetella (8 weeks & older)

Volunteer Training

Occurs once each month and is subject to change without notice. Please call 949.497.3552 for specific times and dates.

City of Laguna Beach Chili Cook Off & Pet Parade*

Prizes awarded for best decorated booth and best chili. All proceeds to support local animal charities.

Friends of Laguna Beach “My Best Friend’s Brunch”*

For up to date information on this event please visit the FLBDP web site Laguna Beach Dog Park

*A portion of the proceeds from this event, directly benefits the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter.

Animal Services Officer’s Contact Information


Practical Do’s and Dont's to follow in order to reduce “Coyote” problems:

  • DO

Feed pets indoors or promptly remove dishes when pets have completed their meals outside. Store bags of pet food indoors. Clear brush and dense weeds from around property. (This deprives protective cover for coyotes, and its normal food source from shelter.) Place trash in barrels equipped with tight, clamping lids to prevent dumping. (Use tie-down cords if necessary.)

  • DON'T

Feed or provide water for coyotes or other wildlife. Put trash cans out the night before scheduled pick-up; put them out in the morning to give the wildlife less time to scavenge and less time to take advantage of darkness. Use plastic bags as garbage containers; coyotes can rip them open. Allow pets, cats, or rabbits to run loose at any time; they are easy, favored prey.